Mr. Jean CODO is a man of multidisciplinary experience. He studied, gets his degrees and lived in France until when Former President Mathieu KEREKOU of Benin Republic requested him to serve in his Cabinet.

He is more particularly known to be the inventor of the travel insurance concept named: “CE ASSURANCE” with copyright at the French national copyright protection Authority (Institut National de la propriété industrielle).

As President KEREKOU special adviser in charge of several ministries, he initiated and managed during 5 years from year 2001 to 2006 many programs. We can mention:

The tourism development and promotion national found

The national body in charge of job promotion (Agence Nationale de Promotion de l’Emploi: ANPE), etc.

He holds a Masters Degree in tourism and Post Graduate Diploma in tourism and Transport Economy. He is an Expert and Consultant for Cargo Tracking Notes management in Africa. He is currently an Expert and Consultant at UNESCO, Founding member of the NEPAD's Public Private Partnership Forum. Currently a Consultant to many regional and International organizations: Maison du Tourisme Africain (Paris), Conseil de l’Entente (West Africa), Agence Internationale de la Francophonie ( Paris), etc.. He has over 25 years experience in the Marine transportation industry.

He is currently the managing Director of TPMS International Limited (www.tpms-antaser.com), a company playing a leading role in the “Cargoes Tracking Note” management sector in Africa, with headquarter at Antwerp- Belgium.